This is a personal R&D project. I used everything learned when working on the Theta S competition submission as well as my earlier HoloLens reflections project.
My goal was to connect the virtual and the real world in a new way. The virtual object reflects real objects all around it while the real world "reflects" the virtual object.

The user places a HoloLens anchor and then creates a 360 image with a phone from the point of view of the anchor. Once the image is uploaded to a CMS system the HoloLens app downloads it and uses it for image-based lighting and reflections. This version of the app also features additional reflections as the user is supposed to place the objects on a reflective surface. As you can see the objects appear to be reflected by the table.
When you use the HoloLens you see two different reflections on the table, one for each eye. In this video the reflections are not aligned, but when the app is viewed through the HoloLens everything is aligned properly.